Out of a passion to see other local churches thrive, Pastor Darlington Steve Omeiza and Khanyisa Omeiza have created an avenue through which they can humbly share what they have learnt and thereby encourage others to grow to their full potential. The avenue is also for them to learning from others as they all come together to find solutions to solve global or community issues, especially where the church is located.

Platform is always existed to promote, help and assist young leaders in local church to become as effective and relevant as they can be in reaching the lost and seeing the community impacted. 

Over the years using the Darlington Steve Foundation, Platform has had an increasing numbers of requests from people who have wanted to work in a close relationship with us towards the same goal. 

Platform Network exists to build those relationships and offer other leaders helpful advice on management, ministry effectiveness, leveraging, growth and leadership. Platform Network is not a denomination or a movement, but simply a group of churches and individuals that relate to us and glean from us so to be more effective in their ministries. We are open to grow and learn from each other’s.

The Platform Network is a network of local churches who share common goals and who have formalized their relationship with platform to fulfill God’s commission to establish relevant and thriving churches. We are a resource to help leaders grow their churches, wherever they may be. We offer a means whereby leaders can grow to greater effectiveness through sharing what has and hasn’t worked for us on our journey.

We do not exercise authority over you or your church, nor do we provide spiritual supervision in matters of internal dispute. However, we do offer advice and perspective if invited to do so. We are not exclusive. Involvement in the Platform Network does not mean that you need to leave your current denomination, other networks or affiliations.

The Platform Network exists to build relationships with those who share a common desire to build strong, healthy and relevant churches that grow and are effective in reaching the lost and impacting the community.




For our annual Rest Conference, Love Alive Conference, Singles Empowerment, Young Adult and Youth and other various activities, we offer discounts for the senior leaders. The senior leaders will also have reserved seating and access to a special guest lounge where they can connect with other senior Platform Guest and pastors. Any other staff members of the Platform Church Network churches wishing to attend are eligible for a discount also.

Platform Church Team: As a network member, you will have access to some of the key platform team members during network and / or scheduled meetings.

Network Lunches: We shall be hosting several network lunches during the year where senior leaders and leadership teams can attend at a reasonable cost. We share ideas, ministry keys and enjoy fellowship while connecting you to like-minded leaders.

Resources: We shall provide all our Platform Network churches with one teaching resource per month by Ps Steve as a resource. We also provide discounted rates on books and resources by Pastor Steve and Mrs. Khanyisa 

Registration: If you would like to register with the Platform Network then please fill out the form below and someone will be in contact or email

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