Platform Church Lead Pastor is Steve Omeiza and his wife Mrs. Khanyisa Omeiza, they well and sound teachers of the word of God, operating in the teaching, prophetic and apostolic offices. Pastor Steve is popularly known as Pastor Darlington Steve Omeiza ( PD), so don’t be surprise when you hear people calling him Pastor D. Steve and Khanyisa are business people in the consulting service industry and media space. They own and run DS Dexterity International (Media & Consulting Company). They are accountable to an advisory board consisting of key businessmen/women and leaders who bring perspective and add value to the senior pastors – helping, advising and assisting them to grow the vision and mandate of God in their lives.



The Senior Pastors prayerfully invite and appoint a competent advisory board, selected from the congregation and senior staff, to serve alongside them to help interpret the mandate on the lives of the senior pastors. The board is always announced annually and consists of key businessmen/women and leaders of integrity, commitment and character, who bring perspective and add value to the Senior Pastors regarding the effective management of the church. Directors of the board do not receive remuneration in respect of their roles and responsibilities. All board directors serve at various departments in the church life. Platform Church is an independent institution of its own and its resources are used to enhance church life.



The Senior Pastors and the Board of Platform Church always look forward employing numbers of professional full-time and part-time staff members across the churches and fellowship to carry the responsibility of the day-to-day needs of the church and in the market place. This team is put together and released by the Senior Pastors to provide a high standard of ministry effectiveness, excellence and pastoral care, putting values and respect to the church’s integrity, engaging the necessary industries in the market place to effectively serve the people of the church and our nation at large. They are the voice and face of the church. We understand the value of first mention and impression and our team are always professional enough to manage you well. Platform Staff and volunteers are well discipline, we have system in place to constantly grow, develop and add value to all our staff and volunteers. Interested in joining email:


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