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“we are freed by faith and sponsored by grace.”

We all have transitional seasons in our lives—relationally, financially, academically, soul searching, and spiritually. At Platform, we offer different mentoring and counseling options to help you experience a better life. Choose the one that's right for you and talk to one of our friendly pastors, mentors and counselors. You don’t have to navigate life alone, we are here for you. To find out what is available for you to attend, please email
Pastor Darlington Steve


Our Financial Ministry serves to motivate, train and assist Platform members as well as our indigenous municipal to live out Biblical financial ethics so to practice true financial liberty. Most people feel anxious managing their money, someone who could monitor and help them to a better financial future would go a long way. We have small groups and mentors that can help you build a plan for a better financial future. Whether you’re facing financial strain or simply want to manage your money well, we can help.


Love is a good start, but a great marriage needs more. There are things you need to be aware off before committing to anyone, remember, marriage is a lifelong commitment. We connect you with a mentor couple who have sustained the challenges of marriage and show you how you can build a foundation for a strong, lasting marriage. They share experiences and give you a personalized road map for your marriage. The mentor sessions will help you and your partner prepare for marriage by discussing keystone habits of successful couples.


Life is hard and sometimes we feel stuck wondering if we’re doing life right. Get connected with a pastor or mentor to help you discover a better life. These one-on-one sessions with a mentor will take you through the process of discovering why you might be stuck in life, what your purpose is, and how to live a life of freedom and stay rested in troubling times.

We understand that life sometimes happens and our family, kids and loved ones will decide to go towards their feelings and emotions. Sometimes, this can be painful. We have groups and Events for Parents of LGBTQ+ Children or children or parents who just want to connect back to family and loved ones and they don’t know how to go about it. We have someone to guide you in parenting your LGBTQ+ child well. Parents of LGBTQ+ children often feel isolated and ill-equipped. We can connect you with other parents for support and equip you to love your child well. In this mentor-led group setting, you’ll discuss faith, grief, purpose, and other topics that you navigate as a parent or children of an LGBTQ+. Parent and family bond Connect come together at an event for a time of food, teaching on relevant LGBTQ+ topics, group discussion and Q&A.


After losing a loved one, a season of grief can leave you feeling hopeless. At a time like this, we can connect you with a mentor that will walk alongside you as you process your grief and lead you toward hope. In these one-on-one sessions with a mentor, you will find comfort and support through a process of healing to help you find hope for the future after the loss of your loved one.


What if overcoming challenges in marriage is simpler than you think? This short-term weekend and mentor-led group experience will explore the foundational principles to not only have a successful marriage but the marriage of your dreams. There’s practical work that will be given to help you find your marriage and enjoy what God has in store for your marriage.


Divorce is painful and it is not Gods intention for us as His children to go through it. At platform Church, we understand the void, anger, anxiety, pain and sometimes troubling challenges that may come with divorce. We have well equipped people to guide you through separation or divorce. We have mentor-led groups that connect you with the support you need as you move toward healing and personal restoration. 


This is a group that helps kids grasp or settled in their heart the pain of parent separating, it is to help kids and provides your children with a safe and neutral place to recognize and learn to cope with their circumstances. And for the teens, we provide a supports group with a written curriculum for teens alone.


As a part of the Care Network, we have a team of trained, caring volunteers available to visit the loved ones of Platform Church members or regular attendees who are in a hospital or hospice.


We will help connect you to trusted professional counselors and more. Individual, family, or organizational support is available to you through a counseling referral to a professional counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist or one of our partner organizations. We know we don’t have all the answer to life questions, we want you not to get stuck alone navigating through whatever journey you are going through, please email us or call any of our lines and we will be standing by you to assist you get someone who will meet you ate your desire need.


We know life can be hard and we also understand we don’t have all the answers to life challenges. Where we aren’t equipped, we will guide and connect you with a carefully screened, outside professional counselor to guide you to a better life.

We want to help you in the midst of career transition. In these days of amplified job insecurity, many of us are either seeking new employment or know someone who is. The search process can be intense and requires confidence, energy, and connections. So to fuel the process, we host a gathering called 3Ds (Discover, Develop, Deploy). Join us at our special program to gain fresh perspective and enjoy the company of likeminded people, people in career transition that are committed to succeed in business and in life. Regardless of the type of employment you’re seeking, we’re confident you will find this environment encouraging and helpful. We have some of our members who take pleasure employing our own members and this might just be the breakthrough you need.


In life everyone will go through different challenges. No matter what you are walking through, the Platform Care ministry wants to encourage and help you on your journey.

• Are you struggling with depression?
• Do you want to talk to a biblical counselor?
• Are you having trouble getting over a divorce?
• Have you lost a loved one?
• Want to request a hospital visit?
• Are you struggling with an addiction?
• Do you have a child with special needs?


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