God want to give you rest. This is our yearly event for the church as we all come together for a time of refreshing, cultivating and engaging on the mysteries of life and find heaven mandate for our spiritual life and on everything. We have guest speakers coming to impact, bless and motivate us as a church to be all God want us to be and be ready to engage life. Rest conference is all about solution and spiritual, mental and psychological impartations. 

RESTEDLIFE WOMEN CONFERENCES Monday 17th - Friday 21st August, 2020 | Time 7 pm Daily


Women are the vocal cord for God to herald new possibilities in our times. Women are sign post of God and they are carries of Gods mysteries. We as Platform Church understand this that Women are gate in the Spirit and carries a dimension of God. Our women have voice and we give them platforms to express God in His fullness and this is what birth this event.

Women are Gods intelligence to display the possibilities therein that lies with His throne. We could see throughout the bible how women were vocal in carrying heavens mandates. Women like Ester, Sarah, Deborah, Anna The Prophetess who prayed Jesus into this world, Mary and many more. 

This First of its kind on Platform Church and many to come in our Church, The RestedLife Women Conferences, God has put His integrity on these women who will be speaking from 17th of August, 2020 – 21st of August, 2020 on all Platform Online pages.

Africa get ready, South Africa get ready, men get ready and all Women, get ready too, put your seat belt on cause we are about to speak to our continent, change the narratives while we restructure and reposition ourself for a takeover. Are you ready? There is a shifting in the spirit realm and God septal has been stretch to our women in this generation.


Khanyisa Omeiza is the co-founder of Platform Church alongside her husband, Darlington Steve Omeiza. 

She carries a passion for building godly families and seeing women reach their full potential in all God that has called them to do, accomplishing this through her Women’s ministry Love Alive.

Khanyisa is also creative in the entertainment industry as a screenwriter and a director of DS Dexterity International (Dexterity Radio).

Nadia Jakavula is a passionate, God fearing, futuristic family woman with a bulldog tenacity for seeing transformation in her generation. Moreover she operates in the prophetic, a business coach, media freelancer and social entrepreneur.

She holds an advanced Diploma in Ministry studies through CFCI Bible College. She is a certified Biometrics Specialist through MIE & has a certificate in Supervision & Mentoring through Transman.
Nadia has extensive experience as a Talent Acquisition Specialist with over 10 years’experience recruiting outstanding skills within Africa & other emerging Markets.

She is the Co-founder of Certified Talent, an executive search and placement firm. They are a trusted strategic partner to a number of corporations.

She founded AfroNotics, a premium brand in natural hair care products and an ethnic salon based in the East Rand.

She is also the Co-Pastor of Gate of Heaven Bethel Church together with her husband where their sole purpose is to point the lost to the gate of heaven, Jesus Christ, influencing nations and discipling them for the soon coming King.

Her lifetime goal is helping enough people to realise their full potential, starting with one person per time.

Marilyn Bailey Pastors Teleios Church alongside her husband, Brandon. She provides counselling, covering and

mentorship to many but particularly possesses a passion for seeing the destitute and disadvantaged grow and overcome their struggles.


She is the founder of Teleios Community Initiative (TCI), the social engagement arm of Teleios church. She is also a mother of two beautiful kids.


Mantsha Pheeha is the senior pastor of the Church of Jesus Christ (CJC) in Midrand. She is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker. She holds a BSc. Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Witwatersrand and is also an author, blogger, mentor and pastor.

She began her career in the PGM Mining industry as an engineer and has vast experience in Government, Mining, Development Finance, Engineering and Management Consulting and her last stint was in government as a Chief Director for Infrastructure Management and Public Private Partnerships. She runs Talent Unleashed, a strategy consulting practice, which is currently supporting Enterprise Development and growing the SMME sector in South Africa.

Mantsha is the author of six books- Money 101, Single and Loving It, How to pray the word of God, Failure is not Final, Forsaking all to Follow Jesus and How to realize your personal vision. Her books are available today.
She is a mentor and business coach and she is a publisher. Mantsha is passionate about development and runs several youth and women’s programmes.

“When excellence is on the stage it demands attention”

Ps Janice Chaff is a teacher of the word and a woman of faith. Her messages is the message of Jesus Christ. The message of Jesus redefines and defies cultural, religious, gender, and socio-economic boundaries. Ps Janice has a unique way of teaching and reaching people who are seeking to make peace with their past, maximize their present, and deepen their relationship with God. Her favorite saying from scripture is “ Gods Grace is Sufficient “

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