At Platform, we live a rested life and operate from a victory standpoint. All of our teachings, principles, faith in Christ’s finished sacrifice and beliefs are based on the authority of God’s Word. Obeying and applying God’s principles in all areas of our lives as revealed in the Bible. We strive to maintain a Biblical standard of living and leadership as we believe that living life according to God’s Word is the way to an abundant, fulfilling and rested life in Christ finished work.



We know, understand and believe that the entire Bible is inspired by God and without errors or omissions. The Bible is the legal authority and the constitution for the believers on which we base our faith, conduct, doctrine and apply its principles. See Matthew 4:4, Luke 24:45, 2 Timothy 3:14-17, John 5:39





We believe and understand the power of God. We are not limited by earthly limiting factors. We accept that God works in mysterious ways and His power has He also given to man. We value the tangible presence of God in our life and His power to do all that concerns us as a source of God’s grace, comfort, and refreshing. We believe that in each of our services, there should be a distinctive touch and power of God. God must be felt and seen, and Jesus must be the centre of all our services. We know that the human race is also a carrier of God supernatural powers. Luke 24:49. 2 Peter 1:3, 4. Luke 10:17-19. Acts 1:8



At Platform Church, we believe in doing the very best for God and every aspect of our lives and ministries. God’s people and the facility should reflect the Excellency of God in whom we serve. This is captured in the following phrases: “Finding a way to win” and “Nothing but the best for God”.  Punctuality is a value that reflects excellence and this is a priority to Platform Church. 2 Peter 1:5, 1 Peter 2 :9, Philippians 4:8



Platform Church strongly believes in marriage and healthy family, as they are the foundation of Godly nation. We provide a course to prepare couples for successful marriages. We help strengthen and restore family and marriages through preaching, teaching, counselling, mentorship and pastoral care. We provide help, spiritual support and encouragement for single parents and those in broken homes. Platform Church is a non-racial, non-sexist, fully integrated church. We believe that a truly biblical church should include all nationalities and race group and have both men and women serving in the ministry.



As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. – 1 Peter 4:10. 

At Platform Church, we believe it is a blessing and privilege to serve our heavenly Father with the talents that He has given us in the house of God (The Church Life). Volunteering is a basic biblical principle that we embrace and encourage. God has given each of us unique gifts, talents and abilities that can be used to make a difference in the church and the world. 



Giving is a biblical principle that when lived by, produces a rich harvest in our lives. Giving is not limited to simply our finances; it’s a lifestyle. When we live with the spirit of giving, when we give the Lord our tithes and our offerings, when we give to those in need, when we give of our time, our love, our resources, we are sowing seeds that God will make sure blossoms into a rich harvest! Not just of financial blessings, but rich in all aspects of life. He’ll make sure the right doors open, the right people come into your life, and the right breaks are received. We believe that money is an essential ingredient of an influential church Malachi 3:10. Haggai 1:8. Proverbs 18:16. Luke 6:38. Proverbs 3:9



We are strong believers of prayer and fasting. We understand the pressure life can give and we are fully aware and committed in handling spiritual matters with spiritual weapons which one of them is through prayer, fasting and exciting, dynamic, energetic and contemporary praise and worship. Ester 4:16, Luke 2:36-40; Luke 18:12, Joel 2:12-13, Acts 13:2-4, Matthew 6:16-18, Isaiah 58:3-7


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